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MARGARITA SET: They're best with NaCl on the rim. The Cocktail Shaker and two Rocks glasses. $50 ( $60 purchased separately)

MIXOLOGY COLLECTION: Make a statement at your next imbibing session. The Cocktail Shaker and four Martini Glasses (4 color). $110 ( $125 sold separately)

ICED TEA COLLECTION: Use the Sun's electromagnetic radioactivity, aka light, to sunbrew a batch of iced tea. The Serving Carafe/Kettle and Four Highball glasses. $80 ( $100 sold separately)

TABLEWARE COLLECTION: Periodic Tableware is great for everyday use. Eight Rocks glasses and eight Highball glasses. $175 ( $200 sold separately)

THE PERIODIC TABLE: For the ultimate science aficionado. The Cocktail Shaker, the Serving Carafe/Kettle, four Martini glasses (4 color), four Beaker Wine glasses, four Rocks glasses, four Highball glasses, four Pilsner Glasses, and the Set of four shotglasses. $365 ($415 sold separately)

Giftwrapped in brown kraft and twine: price varies ($10 to $40)


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