Periodic Tableware in the Media

"I really like this product for the reasons that it looks so cool, it shows you how much you're drinking plus this would be great for mixing drinks which rely on exact measures."

"We’ve always known serving the perfect cocktail was a science—we just never knew how literally."

"Beautiful set of curvaceous beakers will make you the mixologist of all the finest parties that you throw at your rooftop."

"When my niece gets her first apartment, I'm buying her a set of this glassware. What science geek wouldn't want them? Periodic Tableware is what it's called, and it's pretty darn neat."

"How To Make Cocktails Breaking Bad Style!"



These fun wine glasses ... come in a set of four, but are perfect for dinners for two as you work on your romantic chemistry.

 Every man and woman with a pulse and soul worth being around will love these.

This collection of scientific glassware transformed into vessels for transporting equally scientific libations is too nerdy to be completely cool, too classy to be completely nerdy, and too cool to be completely classy

We're probably about a year away from mixology being recognized as a legitimate scientific field of study, so it seems only fitting that your glassware should elevate your amateur bartending skills to Nobel-winning levels

So you can’t stop thinking about science and chemistry, specifically. Then you may want to give Periodic Tableware a look.


"surely gets the attention of science fanatics who want to give their kitchens a chemistry theme."

We consider ourselves lab attendants by the way we go about our cocktail concoctions. But today we have graduated to full mad scientists with a doctorate in awesome bar glasses thanks to the company, Periodic Tableware.

"The beautifully-designed drinkware is made to look like iconic laboratory glass."
"Although we’ve featured our fair share of drinkware over the years, the Periodic TableWare is one of the most unique approaches to the classic set that we have ever encountered."
"...the brilliant mind behind Periodic Tableware has taken that nostalgia, mixed in durability, functionality, and created a line of Tableware and Barware for those who think the buck doesn’t stop with what’s inside the glass."
" doesn't get much smarter."
"This is something we like!"
The cool line of drinkware was designed to give you a different kind of drinking experience, and possibly motivate you to create better drinks/social experiments.
The cool line of drinkware was designed to give you a different kind of drinking experience, and possibly motivate you to create better drinks/social experiments."
"These are absolutely beautiful."
"Geek homes everywhere need these! Starting with this geeky blogger."
"... so you’ll feel even more like a mixing mastermind when creating your drink concoctions for guests."
"In years to come, I’ll regret paying my electric bill for one measly month instead of acquiring a mad science inspired shaker I could use for a lifetime."
"Marshall Jamshidi, the genius behind the project, has imagined an entire collection...expertly utilising flasks we haven't seen since our childhood.
" Can you imagine how fun it would be to host a mixology party featuring this collection?!"
"So what are you waiting for? Back this Kickstarter with ALL OF YOUR MONEY and start mixing drinks! For Science!"
"If you're a chemist in the kitchen, you might want to check out this line of laboratory-inspired drinking glasses."
"If you kept these out in the open, you’d look just as cool as Don Draper, with the added bonus of also looking ten times more intelligent."
"...they look gorgeous and already have us planning a mad scientist-themed cocktail party."
"Science equipment and tableware seem like a natural pairing...I know at least one engineering Ph.D. who will probably be racing to put this set on her wedding registry."
"This set is one of the most innovative ideas in barware to come along in the last 20 years."
"...a new line of revolutionary conventional lab-inspired drinkware."